- Features -
Solitary person care, Emergency call
Solitary person care, Emergency call
Unwell, fall down, one button to call help.
The Call Help Dialer automatically call help to families, neighbors, friends, and police.
Store Safety
Store Safety
In Emergency at home or shop, the situation not
allows of making a call.
One press, automatically dial out 8 phone calls and play 20 seconds pre-recorded voice message at least twice.
DIY Installation, Quick Set Up
DIY Installation, Quick Set Up
Simple connection
Worldwide patent
Power-off Memory
Power-off Memory
The phone numbers are always memorized in the control unit.
Match with up to 15 remote controllers.
Call Help Dialer



pendant style & hand-held type

- Applications -
- Specifications -

RF reception range:

up to 100m in a free space.

Telephone system:

Normal land phones (DTMF tone).

Voice message duration:

20 seconds

Numbers of phone number:

8 (landline or cellphone)

Power Adapter:

DC 12V/ 1A

Operation temperature:

-10 °C ~ + 50 °C


210 (W)x125 (H)x34 (D)mm

Pendant remote operation power:

12V/27A Alkaline Battery

Hand-held remote operation power:

12V/ 23A -Alkaline Battery
- About us -
City Wall Enterprise LTD, as known as Garrison, 100% Taiwan base, established in 1983, is one of the leading professional manufacturer with many kinds of security alarm products.
LK-119 Call Help Dialer, is the most wonderful product in 2018.
It will help many family away from sadness. There are many tragedies occurred because the emergency situations are found too late. Call Help Dialer can call help to save life.
- Q&A -
A: Just set up those numbers you need. Call Help Dialer will skip the empty numbers.
A: When pressing the remote, Call Help Dialer will be triggered and make phone calls for three times automatically. For those calls have been answered will be ignored in next round of calling. You can also set up twice for very important numbers to avoid miss call.
A: Plug out your phone line and see the RJ11 pin. If it is 2 wires, the Call Help Dialer can be applied. Switchboard's extension (4 wires) doesn't fit this unit.
A: Use split adapter (enclosed) to connect with unit and power on.
A: Avoid the high temperature and moist environment.
A: Please check power supply and the cable connections.
A: Must record full 20 seconds. When the receiver answers the phone call, he will hear voice message at any period.
A: Off the unit by key (enclosed) then press the remote. if the screen shows Low Voltage, please change new batteries in the remote. AT LEAST test the battery once a year.
A: No difference, it is the special sweet design. Either one is with same function. A back up button for users.